Building Bridges

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The Building Bridges program reduces the number of families and individuals who rely on government programs and charitable aid. More importantly, Building Bridges breaks the cycle of poverty as graduates teach their children how to get ahead, not just get by. The program can increase the number of educated workers in the community, reduce unemployment rates and increase the tax base, which results in a more prosperous and healthy community. Building Bridges has served the greater Joplin area since 2015.

Our mission has always been to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive and resolve poverty. We believe strongly that responsibility for both poverty and prosperity rests not only in the hands of individuals, but also with societies, institutions and communities. It's the foundation Building Bridges is built on, engage people and organizations in the community to end poverty. Put simply, we get to know each other, we begin to understand each other and we - the community - begin to work together to resolve the problem of human suffering that is poverty. Visit the Building Bridges website for more information.